• Is a change management consultancy that specialises in helping organisations deliver successful change and transformation programmes.
  • We work to ensure that benefits are realised through programmes that consider your people and culture as well as systems and processes.
  • We are passionate about what we do and have a deep understanding of change management and business transformation.


  • We say that what you believe in shapes and defines what you do.
  • Getting your people engaged and bought into the change is critical in making it a success and realising the business benefits.
  • Bringing external perspectives and innovation into programmes keeps the engagement high and heightens adoption levels.
  • Our highly skilled team shape and deliver solutions that enables you to define what success is and then achieve it.


From strategy and approach to detailed planning, from creating a vision of success to making it happen, from defining training plans to building up capability in your workforce who are bought into your goals; James & Carmichael offer solutions to meet real business challenges such as embedding digital and agile approaches into your organisation, field force transformation, centralisation of business processes and capability development.


A summary of our experience and expertise to meet the challenges that our clients face….

Performance Coaching

Field Force Transformation


Insights relevant to our client’s challenges….

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