People at the Heart

We put people at the heart of each unique engagement. We work with you to understand your needs, where you want to get to, and outcomes you want to achieve. We will help you make your changes happen.

Handing over the baton

Successful change occurs when it is driven and owned by your own people. We’ll make sure your team are ready to grab the baton. We won't win the race for you, but we'll be with you as you cross the line.

Making change stick

We work with you to design the change strategy and come up with the plan. Our goal is to help make the change stick. Driving adoption, delivering value, and creating a virtuous improvement loop are often the hardest part of your change.


At each and every step we will be with you, committed to helping you and your teams achieve successful change. We strive to reflect and review to ensure we are doing the right things and making a difference.


Each change we do puts people at the centre – it’s mission critical. We have long standing relationships with our customers based on trust, because our associates and partners are committed to achieving successful results.

Our partners

We collaborate with other transformation partners who offer complementary services to ours. These natural partnerships help clients to leverage a wider skillset via connected resources and plans.

Our current partnerships include

Working with the best people

As well as working with great clients and partners we work with a team who have the right experience and expertise to guide and shape your transformation.

Our associates are incredibly experienced and carry with them a high level of credibility, they do a fantastic job for our clients and as a result we have a very high re-engagement rate.

Our associates work with us because...


We work with great clients for example:  

  • Johnson and Johnson family of companies
  • Pernod Ricard
  • Princes
  • J&J VisionCare


We are invited to help on interesting and challenging projects

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They are team players who love collaborating


Colin Pincott

Raylene Armstrong

Mel Horton


Martin Crook

Sarah Taylor

Scott Edwards

Jennifer Shepard

Pierre Janselme

Kieli Bibbings

Rik Patel

Rachel Dickinson

Alan Robson

Let's talk

We regularly work with Programme Leaders, Change Managers, Communication Experts, Mindset Change Specialists, Influencing and Presentation Gurus, Performance Coaches and Graphic Designers.

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