Improving customer experience through healthcare omni-channel transformation

How can a business deliver a seamless, excellent experience to their customers however they choose to engage (online or offline) 24:7?


A world leading Healthcare company commissioned LION+MASON together with James and Carmichael Consulting to enhance and re-fresh their Digital platform for Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) that supports the omnichannel experience.

In addition, the client’s offline engagement was an essential part of the picture. Sales representatives visit customers to take orders, provide product information, client relationship management, and training. With such a large customer population across large geographical locations, only certain customer segments were being engaged.

It is understood that businesses who engage with customers both online and offline can realize considerable boost in sales up to 30% Ref1

Together with the client, we took a moment to reflect on:

  • Customer experience and future needs.
  • How well was the current platform was working and was it user friendly?
  • Were there any barriers to sign up? What were these?

Health Care Professionals are extremely busy and time-constrained. Any digital solution needs to enhance these daily activities, a clear opportunity to blend both off and online services provided.

The partnership

Lion and Mason together with James and Carmichael brought together what are typically two very siloed parts of the process – product design and change management.

Our individual specialisms naturally supported each other, providing the client with an expert comprehensive service throughout the project.

What we did

There were three broad phases:

  • Discovery & Research
  • Stakeholder & Leadership Engagement
  • Product Design

This approach meant that we could undertake a thorough 360 review of the current process to understand the needs and wants of the end-user. Any findings would then form the basis for recommendations and an action-oriented plan and clear pathway forward for any product or service redesign.

Phase 1 – Discovery & Research

During the discovery phase, we conducted fact-finding by performing in-depth user research, including:

  • In-field observational research – visiting a wide variety of HCPs to observe their working practices and environments personally
  • Usability assessment – of the existing platform

We examined their pressures and external environment, and gained a deeper understanding of what they actually wanted and needed and how the platform could better support their day-to-day activities.

Phase 2 – Stakeholder Engagement & Recommendations

We then took all of our findings and insights and started to put together recommendations based on these. We did this by clustering and organising findings under specific themes.

What followed was a series of workshops with the client’s Directors to filter down these themed insights and use them to reshape their strategy and stress-test any recommendations.

Phase 3 – Mobilising the Change

What followed was an evolution that would see the initial digital platform transform.

The follow-on work involved:

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Wireframing & UI Design
  • Change Management
  • Handover to in-house development teams to bring these ideas to life

The Results

The enhanced platform continues to evolve and has;

  • Enabled a reduction in the cost to communicate
  • Extended the reach and quality of training
  • Providing a better customer experience and choice how and when the customer engages and proved valuable during the COVID epidemic

The James & Carmichael and LION+MASON Partnership

Our partnership was instrumental to this project’s success and enabled us to blend our years of Change Management expertise together with User Experience design to ensure both organisation and end-user fully adopt the changes.

If you want to find out more about how our partnership could serve your organisation and its stakeholders, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

ref 1 Deloitte research

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